Have a great idea for a post that would fit the subject matter of this blog? Follow these instructions:

write a short “essay” on one of the following:

  • Personal style
  • Something about contemporary society which offends/annoys you
  • Tips on what it takes to be a proper lady or gentleman in contemporary society
  • A humorous take on something from pop-culture
  • Review of a movie, book, or whatever

A sense of humour is always acceptable.

Take a look at the blog to see what kind of posts to expect

To apply:

  1. Write a paragraph or two describing what your article will discuss, or just write the article itself. If I like your work I will publish it on the blog, giving you full credit for the piece.
  2. A short bio – Tell me a little bit about yourself – You don’t have to get too specific.
  3. Email it to, or copy and paste it here.

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