“Let’s Talk About Sex”

Pictured: Not sex, but they're getting there.

Pictured: Not sex, but they’re getting there.

Ladies and gentlemen, the number of young women who openly speak about their sexual experiences is astounding. I can honestly say I’ve heard far more of this sort of talk from ladies my age than from gentlemen of the same age. You may call me a prude, but sex is not something that should be considered a conversation piece; most of these stories fall incredibly short of interesting in my own opinion. I don’t care about the time a one night stand asked you if you would prefer him to “finish” inside you or on you; that is disgusting. The number of young women with self-respect seems to be in great decline. Telling stories about one night stands does not make me impressed. It is one surefire way to ensure I am instantly unattracted to you.

Pictured: The funny side of shame.

Pictured: The funny side of shame.

Sex is one of those things you do, everyone knows you do, but you just don’t talk about, because it’s nobody’s business but those directly involved.

Like nose-picking.

Like nose-picking.


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