A Parable on Perception

She and I had nearly the same personality, so naturally, she and I would have the same sense of humour. Because of this, we’d throw insults back and forth at each other. Of course I was just joking; but I knew she wasn’t, because you can just tell with people. If it’s a joke, you know it.

As time went on and we got to know each other better, the insults became worse: More hurtful, more rude, more unkind; but of course I was just joking. She said something that really offended me because she was just an unkind person; I said something that really offended her, but I was just joking. Our mutual friends thought we were quite funny, and the behaviour was somewhat encouraged.

I think we disliked each other because of our comments toward one another; but how could she not see that I was just joking? I said it with a smile on my face, and she laughed. She said it with a smile on her face, and I laughed. It was a show we put on for our friends. It got to the point where I put my headphones in my ears and simply stopped talking. She walked away without a word. I knew she was over-reacting. How could she say those things? Obviously, I didn’t mean my comments; but she clearly meant hers. She was clearly just over-sensetive and rude; but I – I was funny,  because after all,  whatever I said, I was just joking.


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