Poland’s Movie Posters

Mozart is a psychotic cookie.


Airplane! is actually a sci-fi horror in Poland.

Martin Sheen’s face explodes and looks deeply into your soul for 152 minutes in the Polish version of Apocalypse Now.

Blade Runner: A sexy Russian spy evades a man who runs with scissors, right?

Cabaret is about an evil demonic swastika that is also the greatest cabaret dancer of all time.

The Sun on the Japanese flag is saddened by atomic warfare in Empire of the Sun.

M.A.S.H. is the original Happy Gilmore, with helecopters.

I think this designer took the “For your life” part of Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown a little too literally.

Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Evil Nazi Coat Hanger, a snake, and a picture of a terrorist try to kill Wilson from Home Improvement by stuffing him in a blue box.

Edward Norton shoots lightning out of his eyes at Pablo Picasso’s nighmare while a mysterious blonde woman falls in love with a horse in The Illusionist.

The Time Machice: The creepy kid from The Grudge swallows a clock and doctors desperately try to operate before time runs out.

This one actually makes sense. It’s all about finding the right film for Poland’s poster artists, apparently.


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