What is the pupose of alcohol, ladies and gentlemen? If you ask many 20-something-year-olds, it would seem that the answer is to get intoxicated to the point which they begin to act as if their age has been devided by 10.

I am not going to post any pictures ere; but if you go on Google and search “drunk” in images, you will see About 234,000,000 results. That is two-hundred-million images of people whom have embarrassed themselves and completely ruined their chances of getting that job, or keeping their job because their boss saw the photo somewhere.

“Johnson, what’s that drawn on your forehead?”

I don’t understand this mentality, friends. My coworkers have told me on multiple occassions about how they “Can’t wait until Friday,” because they are “going to get smashed.” What is alluring about not being able to speak, stand, or walk properly, and vomit all over the carpet?




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