Some Thoughts on Art

Ladies and Gentlemen, I cannot draw. My abilities in that field are severely lacking; however, I do so enjoy drawing. To put an idea; a visual image, down onto paper, and make it into a physical object is quite liberating. Even copying someone else’s work just for fun is a pleasant way to spend time.

Since I cannot produce art, I always love to look at a good work of art. Which is why when I see something like this, I become agitated:

Figure 1: The Worst Thing Ever.

This is a painting called “A Little Camp” by an Elephant named Jojo. An elephant. Allow me to emphasize this a bit: A painting by an elephant. Now, the idea of an elephant artist would be fascinating, if there weren’t so many “elephant artists” producing exactly the same thing over and over, so people will spend their money on something that any three-year-old human could do with their eyes closed.

But it’s by an elephant, and that is sort of cool, I suppose. Here’s another interesting one:

Figure 3: Sigmund Freud’s Wet Dream.

This is a painting called “Blue II” by an elephant named Joan Miro. That’s a strange name for an elephant.


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